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Pro. Rosenbloom Is Appointed as Visiting Professor of ZJSU

On April 27th, Professor David H. Rosenbloom, senior in public administration, an eminent professor of School of Public Affairs of the American University, visited ZJSU. Dai Wenzhan, Vice President of ZJSU met with guests and granted letter of appointment to the professor. Directors of School of Public Administration and International Office also attended the meeting and appointment ceremony.

On behalf of ZJSU, Dai Wenzhan expressed his warmest welcome to the professor and made a brief introduction of ZJSU and achievements in internationalization. He spoke highly on Professor Rosenbloom's achievements in public administration and was convinced that the professor will play a positive role in the research and development of disciplines of Public Administration in ZJSU. Professor Rosenbloom expressed his gratitude to ZJSU for its trust and welcome as well as his pleasure to become a member of ZJSU. He also indicated his willingness in promoting cooperation in public administration research between American University and ZJSU.

Dr. Rosenbloom, as an eminent professor at School of Public Affairs of American University, is the authority and leader in field of public administration. He is a member of the National Academy of Administrative Sciences, a member of the Transitional National Council during 1992-1993 and has served as chief editor of the International Authoritative Journal "Policy Research" and "Journal of Public Administration". He has made excellent contributions to the theory of public administration and he is one of the main representatives of law schools of public administration. He has achieved Outstanding Research Award, Outstanding Contribution Award, Outstanding Research and Contribution Award and Leadership Award which were granted jointly by Federation of ASPA, School of Public Affairs and Public Administration.



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