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Cooperative Framework Agreement Is Signed Between Asahikawa University and ZJSU

On April 27th, delegation from Asahikawa University led by Ryoji Yamauchi, President of Asahikawa University and Shigeru Kitajima, Vice President of Asahikawa University visited ZJSU. Chen Shoucan, President of ZJSU and Dai Wenzhan, Vice President of ZJSU met with the guests and Cooperative Framework Agreement was signed between the two universities afterwards. Officials from School of Oriental Language and Culture and International Office also attended the meeting and the signing ceremony.

It is the first time for President of Asahikawa University to visit ZJSU. ZJSU is also the first selected university for Asahikawa University to cooperate with in the mainland of China. Presidents from both sides made brief introduction of the two universities respectively and both hoped that more extensive and further cooperation could be carried out on the basis of the Cooperative Framework Agreement, in terms of exchanges and visits between faculty and students as well as short-term seminars.

Asahikawa University, located in Asahikawa, the second largest city of Hokkaido in Japan, set up its university education at 1968. As the research center for education of eastern area in Hokkaido, it has been actively taking part in various social activities. Asahikawa University has different faculties, namely the Department of Economics--with main disciplines of Economics, Science of Business Economics of Law and Accounting Business; the Care and Welfare Faculty--with main disciplines of Exchange and Communication of Welfare and Health Care Nursing; the Graduate School--including Department of Economics Research with main discipline of Regional Policy Studies and the Junior College--with main disciplines of Life Hood Study and Preschool Education.


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